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Greeting Cards

All cards are made from hand-carved blocks that I print one at a time using a press or by hand.
None are digitally reproduced. Several colors are available for most individual cards!
Contact me for purchasing!
Packs of 4 are sold in one color, with one design. I do not mix and match colors and designs in 4 packs. Packs may be available in colors other than what is shown below, for example, you can request a pack of green orcas. I fulfill requests based on supplies available at the time.  (allow extra time for this if giving as a gift as I will need to make them to order!) Contact me about availability!
Prices: Single 4x5 inch - $3, Pack of 4 - $10
Single 5x7 inch - $4, Pack of 4 - $14
(prices include tax but do not include shipping)
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